A Florist With Fresh And Lovely Bouquets

At Inspired Creations by Merrilee Burton we do weddings professionally. We have on staff a veteran floral designer, florist, and wedding coordinator. We ask you to consider these questions. Do you wish to have your floral pack professionally done; fresh flowers, unique floral design, colors that compliment? Do you wish to have your theme and colors carried through your church decorations and reception? Do you wish to have a coordinator at your wedding and reception to insure the smooth flow and progression of your special day? We use the freshest flowers we can buy, our rental items are in perfect condition. We consider our prices reasonable for the high level of service and experience you get. We have a reference list available. Inspired Creations by Merrilee Burton, our artistic designs, creativity, and flexibility make us unique.

We have been in this business since 1998, and for that time we have never failed to offer top quality service as a florist for every arrangement. It doesn’t matter to us whether you need our flowers for your wedding or a special occasion like an anniversary – our goal has always been your satisfaction. Another reason for you to use our professional services might be that we offer them at competitive rates. Here at Inspired Creations by Merrilee Burton, we understand that a wedding comes expensive. That is why, we offer our services as a wedding planner at reasonable rates.

If you need our services on a more suitable day, like Saturday or Sunday, we can make you such an appointment. Simply contact us in advance, and we will give you more information about our schedule. Be certain that we are the right florist in Marietta, OH for all your needs!

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